An Apparel Brand on a Mission: Pour Les Femmes

Prior to working with us, Pour Les Femmes had focused on its wholesale business where it sold to retailers such as Saks, Nieman-Marcus, and Harrods. We understood that the brand was missing a huge opportunity to capture the growing online market for sleep and loungewear and leverage the audience and credibility of the brand's own celebrity co-founder, Robin Wright.

Starting in 2019, we partnered with Pour Les Femmes to re-launch their DTC business and activate their global audience of conscious customers interested in luxurious and sustainably made garments. We led the digital transformation of the brand to create a new revenue stream that more than doubled the brand's existing wholesale revenue and reached new online consumers in over 50 countries around the world.

So, how did we do it?

We leveraged best-in-class marketing technology, first-party data, and expertise in content strategy and audience targeting to build brand equity and drive revenue. 

As an outsourced CMO, we drove all aspects of the decisions related to brand strategy, creative, marketing technology/integration, social media, paid media, email/SMS, and globalization of the customer experience.

The result? We grew DTC revenue 4x in the first year and 20% in the following year while launching and growing the addressable audience across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,  and YouTube.


The Pour Les Femmes brand represents a beautiful, sustainably made, and high-quality product. Our activation strategy was built on this brand identity to create emotional connections with customers to increase customer loyalty and grow sales.


We did focus groups and customer surveys to learn more about the Pour Les Femmes' customers. These buyers are socially conscious, interested in luxury, and in giving back to their communities. With this customer persona in mind, we set about growing the Pour Les Femmes' audience across social and paid media.

Social and Paid Media

We launched and managed social and paid media campaigns across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok to grow brand awareness and revenue by reaching PLF's customers and potential customers where they spend their viewing time and increasing the size of PLF's addressable audience.





We developed, produce and distribute the "Pillow Talk by Pour Les Femmes" series to extend the ethos of safety and comfort especially as it extends to women helping other women and thereby expand the reach of the brand. Hosted by Robin Wright, featured guests have included Chelsea Handler, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Amber Valletta.

Media Distribution (Video Streaming/Podcasts)

We partnered with the team at YouTube to launch a monetized YouTube channel in order to take advantage of the potential audience on this popular platform for search/discovery. Pillow Talk is also available on Vimeo and as its own channel on Roku.
Pillow Talk is available as a podcast on Apple iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and everywhere you get your podcasts.

Influencer Marketing and UGC

We launched a community-building and collaboration platform to grow and manage our affiliate relationships with influencers. We managed and measured the impact of our celebrity gifting program to some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment business.



E-Commerce Optimization

We launched Pour Les Femmes on Shopify Plus.

As a Shopify Partner, we have access to all the latest resources from Shopify and our Shopify development team is the best in the business.

Mobile App Development

The internet is mobile. We launched and hosted the Pour Les Femmes mobile shopping apps on the Apple IOS and Google Play stores to optimize the customer experience and grow revenue.

Marketplaces and Data

We integrated and optimized the Pour Les Femmes product data feeds into online marketplaces including Google Merchant Center, Facebook Commerce Manager, Pinterest, Lyst, TikTok, NBCU Shopping, and (China) to reach new customers where they prefer to shop.

Customer Support

Launched a customer support technology that allowed the customer service team to increase customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.


We partnered with Global-E to grow international sales and provide an integrated solution for expedited cross-border deliveries via DHL and collection of all sales taxes and VAT in over 200 countries.

Global Fulfillment

We led the evaluation, selection, tech integration, and launch of a new global fulfillment partner that improved Pour Les Femmes's ability to quickly deliver to customers across the globe, improving our last-mile delivery and customer satisfaction.





We developed, produce and distribute the "Pillow Talk by Pour Les Femmes" series to extend the ethos of safety and comfort especially as it extends to women helping other women and thereby expand the reach of the brand. Hosted by Robin Wright, featured guests have included Chelsea Handler, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Amber Valletta.

Email and SMS Marketing

We used best-in-class technology from Klaviyo and Attentive to launch and grow the Pour Les Femmes database of first-party data of their global customers.

We launched SMS marketing programs in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.


Direct Response

We launched and managed direct mail campaigns that drove huge results using customer segmentation based on past purchase history.

First-Party Data, Analytics, Attribution, and Measurement

Customer data and analytics were at the heart of our approach to growth. With a deep background in media measurement product development using first-party data, we constantly evaluated the technology around measurement and attribution platforms to be sure that the budget we spent on our paid ad campaigns is being used effectively and is correctly correlated to the customer journey.

Consumer Insights

We conducted focus-group and online research to translate consumer insights into growth opportunities for the brand. These insights directly informed the brand's creative identity, target audience, and product development.

Marketing Attribution

We used best-in-class reporting platforms and relied on first-party data wherever possible to uncover how channels were performing and shed light on the customers' path to purchase across social media, paid media, search, direct mail, and TV/OTT.

PR/Brand Tracking

We monitored the brand’s media coverage and influencer marketing campaigns to understand the true impact of those activities and the dollar value of the placements and mentions.

E-Commerce Analytics

Google Analytics, Shopify Plus, and Klaviyo along with insights from Google Analytics to forecast customer behavior, get context on business metrics, and enhance PLF's growth strategy.